Flat Embroidery VS 3d Puff

Flat Embroidery VS 3d Puff

Flat Embroidery VS 3d Puff


There are 3 styles of Embroidery.


1) 3D Puff

2) Flat Embroidery

3) Partial 3D Embroidery


Choose a vector-based image after choosing the embroidery style while creating your personalised cap. Your preferred basketball team’s name, emblem, or even initials could be used. Stick to flat embroidery if you wish to reproduce the design on a T-shirt because 3D Puff is only available for hats. If your design is detailed, go with flat embroidery rather than 3D Puff because the foam limits your options for prints.

However, 3D Puff can literally make your logo shine out, and the design can help with brand recall. Finding the ideal fit could be challenging. Choose the greatest personalised hat for you by reading on.


Here is how 3D Puff and Flat embroidery differ:

Flat embroidery: A decorative stitch, typically a satin stitch, is used to stitch the embroidered thread flat onto the hat. It is the needlework style that is most widely used. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that flat embroidery is the only type of needlework. Most textiles can be used, however thicker fabrics produce better results.

Its minimalistic yet chic designs give your clothes a personalised touch. Your choice of hoodies and hats can be personalised in a special way with flat embroidery.


3D Puff Or Raised Embroidery: The artwork or typography expands up over the fabric in 3D puff embroidery. To create the 3D pattern pop out, puff foam is employed. The 3-dimensional text or emblem gives the hat an incredibly upscale and premium look. The product price is more than flat embroidery because of the cost of the raw materials and the quantity of stitches applied.

Sewing 3D Puff requires twice as much time and effort as sewing flat embroidery. There should be enough spacing between each letter to accommodate the foam.


Partial 3D Embroidery: If you’re unsure about which embroidery style to choose and want to test them both, partial 3D embroidery might be for you. To make your cap design stand out, it incorporates both 3D Puff and Flat embroidery features. As an illustration, you could embroider one phrase in 3D puff and the other in flat embroidery.

Prior to choosing your embroidery design, keep the following in mind:


  • Your design will perform better the more basic and less complicated it is. A challenging design pattern may spoil your flat embroidery or ruin your 3D foam.
  • For a far more stunning and clean finish, choose fewer colours.
  • Size Does Matter! A design’s size, whether large or little, can affect the outcome.
  • When selecting the ideal pattern, keep the stitch length and stitch count in mind.
  • When stitching your embroidered pattern, the distance between letters is quite important.


Choose the simple Flat embroidery if you wish to embroider your T-shirt or hoodie. Although it is only available for hats, 3D Puff can make your hat look much cooler than flat embroidery. Despite being constrained, its design is distinctive and provocative. 3D Puff may change the look of a simple logo or a word with a few letters. However, flat embroidery will do better than 3D Puff if you have a more intricately detailed image. Decide on your own design based on the specifications and functionality of the finished product.


If you have a design in mind. You can get in touch with us at jafsembprint.com, and we’ll help you have your personalised embroidery designs sewn for you.


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