About Us

With an experience of 17+ years in Vector Art Services, Vector Art Conversions, Embroidery Digitizing Services ,Custom Embroidery Digitizing Contract Embroidery, Illustrations, and Vector Design Services, Logo designing and web development we are equipped and adept at all the services mentioned above. We are skillfully organized service providers of Embroidery Digitizing, Contract Embroidery, Illustration & Vector Art designing Services, and Garment Manufacturing. 

We are technologically advanced when it comes to the skillset, machinery, and software that are the heart of every digitized embroidery and all our vector art services.

Business is first love

We have 17+ years of experience in the garment manufacturing services business. Before venturing into the idea that is Jafsembprint, with Jafsembprint, he turned his vision into reality. His major objective has always been to accelerate technological advances. Jafsembprint is the avant-garde vision where all the ready-made garment related services are joined under the same roof.

The passion for computerized embroidery began in 2006 with just 2 digitizers and a vector artist for the digitization of designs. And our hard work came to fruition when Jafsembprint gained embroidery contracts from big brand around the world. This was the turning point for Jafsembprint and hence began the journey of all kinds of embroideries digitizing and vectors order from USA and UK Ethnic garments to caps, handkerchiefs, and custom embroidered patches, and so on.

Our dream became bigger and bigger as time passed and from 3 employee we progressed to employment to 38 people. Jafsembprint providing most complicated and versatile embroidery pattern to its client, and welling to get its own production facilities.

Jafsembprint is roaring with success with it’s excellent customized embroidery digitization, Vector Art Services, embroidery digitizing, and contract garment manufacturing services

We are Growing world wide.


Address : 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road,, RUISLIP,, London,, HA4 7AE, UNITED KINGDOM

Address : Baltimore, Maryland, USA