3d puff Embroidery Digitizing Software

3d puff Embroidery Digitizing Software

3d puff Embroidery Digitizing Software

When we talk about 3d puff embroidery digitizing, there are wide range of 3d puff embroidery digitizing software. But every software have its own pros and cons. Embroidery digitizing software helps embroidery firms enhance revenue, production, and product delivery time to clients and 3d puff embroidery play a major role in it.

Embroidery digitizing software is used by embroidery enterprises to digitize, modify, organize, and produce sophisticated embroidery machine files.

We noticed a lot of unclear and even spammy results while searching for embroidery software on Google, so we thought we’d help simplify down what your alternatives are when looking for embroidery software.

Even if you’re a whiz with screen printing software, you’ll want to dig in and see what embroidery has to offer.

What is the best software for embroidery?

  • Hatch Embroidery, Wilcom’s suite of tools for embroiderers.
  • Wilcom Embroidery Studio.
  • Embrilliance.
  • Embird.
  • Chroma, Ricoma’s intuitive digitizing and design software.
  • Printavo for managing your business.


These are couple of top 3d puff embroidery digitizing software’s but most advance and verity of tools are offered by Wilocm. With wilcom 3d puff it give lot of advantages and ease to digitize a 3d puff embroidery digitizing files with outstanding results.

3d puff embroidery digitizing with wilcom

To generate 3D puff embroidery such as raised embroidery, puffy foam is widely employed. Commercially, it’s often used for logos on hats and backpacks, but you can also use it in ornamental machine embroidery to add dimension to your design.

3d puff embroidery digitizing is a little more technical than regular digitizing, but if you follow a few principles, it’s not too difficult. Wilcom Embroidery Digitizer makes it simple to do.

There are few key points if you follow them it will always helps you to get better results.

Key points:

  • Puffy foam embroidery is always done with Satin fill.
  • Stitch spacing must be set at 0.16 mm.
  • No underlay is used.
  • Tack down stitches are added to hold the foam in place.
  • Capping the edges to cover the edges and to stop the thread unraveling is necessary.
  • Match foam color to thread color for best results.
  • Loosen top thread when stitching out design.


Who will help me Digitize my logos?

You can typically locate digitizers quite simply (assuming you haven’t previously been bombarded with them), but finding outstanding digitizers is more difficult. For high-end digitizing and separations, we use jafsembprint.com.


Who will create my embroidery for me?

For outsource embroidery digitizing, we recommend jafsembprint.com. You will be amazed, how they can make life much easier for you by accomplish screen printing artwork, the same speediness applies to embroidery digitizing as well.

If you don’t want to employ an in-house design team or are having trouble finding someone that can design for embroidery, this is a perfect option.

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